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Everything you should know about PixieMarket.com

PixieMarket.com is a boutique established by Magda Pietrobelli in New York City, USA, which manufactures its own designs in different parts of the world such as Los Angeles, California, Seoul and South Korea.

PixieMarket.com is focused on keeping up with the trends in its products with timeless styles while providing designs for any occasion of the day.

PixieMarket.com is a company that works for the environment and a commitment to sustainability by trying to minimize the environmental impact through necessary changes in the manufacture of its products and materials used.

PixieMarket.com has products available such as tops, sweaters, shirts, blouses, t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, pants, overalls, jackets, coats, among others.

Product categories for sale on PixieMarket.com

The product categories that PixieMarket.com offers its customers to search for products are:

  • ახალი
  • Manufactured by Pixie Market
  • საუკეთესო გამყიდველები
  • Tops
  • კაბები
  • Bottoms
  • Ქუჩის ტანსაცმელი
  • აქსესუარები
  • Rebate

What are the benefits of using PixieMarket.com?

Among the benefits of using PixieMarket.com არიან:

  • უფასო მიწოდების აქცია
  • Cutting-edge designs
  • Promotional offers and rebates
  • Items available for any occasion

Where, when and how to find PixieMarket.com გარიგებები და ფასდაკლებები

PixieMarket.com from its rebates category offers its customers a wide variety of selected products which are available with rebates applied, another way to find offers and good discounts is for the special dates of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, among others.

What offers you can find at PixieMarket.com

PixieMarket.com currently only has available:

  • 50% off applied only to selected products
  • discounts on your products

PixieMarket.com ფასდაკლების კოდები

PixieMarket.com currently only has the following discount codes available:

  • 18% off sitewide, using code CNY2018.
  • 15% off any order, using the code NEW15

PixieMarket.com ახალი მომხმარებლის კუპონი

At the moment PixieMarket.com new customers can shop with the promotional offers available.

PixieMarket.com ფასდაკლების კოდი არსებული მომხმარებლებისთვის

At PixieMarket.com existing customers can enjoy the following discount codes:

  • code CNY2018, 18% off sitewide.
  • code NEW15, 15% off any order

PixieMarket.com შავი პარასკევის კუპონები და სარეკლამო შეთავაზებები

One of the most important dates among PixieMarket.com sale holidays is the Black Friday holiday, because for this day they bring deals, promotions, sales and good discounts that you can get up to 77% off.

PixieMarket.com კიბერ ორშაბათის კუპონები და სარეკლამო შეთავაზებები

For PixieMarket.com Cyber Monday is a very special sales holiday because during this date are offered from its online platform a variety of very good promotions where you can find discounts that reach up to 83% just for this day for a limited time, you can also find extra discount coupons from 5%.

PixieMarket.com კუპონები და სარეკლამო შეთავაზებები სტუდენტებისთვის

PixieMarket.com offers its student customers the opportunity to save on their purchases with the promotional offers and coupons available.


კუპონები და გარიგებები
კუპონები ბოლოს განახლდა: დღეს
27 November 2022

Useful information PixieMarket.com

  • PixieMarket.com მისამართი:

1275 Bennett Drive, Suite 103, Longwood, FL 32725, USA.

  • PixieMarket.com კლიენტების მომსახურება

PixieMarket.com has a customer service hotline available which can be reached by calling 3219725911 or by emailing [ელ.ფოსტით დაცულია]

  • PixieMarket.com გადახდის მეთოდები

The payment methods accepted for PixieMarket.com purchases are those made through credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as those issued through digital payment platforms such as PayPal, Shop Pay, GPay.

  • How the products sold by PixieMarket.com are delivered

PixieMarket.com delivers its products through FedEx, UPS, DHL, which handle as estimated delivery time between 3 to 5 business days, these shipping times may vary depending on the delivery destination.

  • PixieMarket.com ადგილზე მიტანის ხარჯები

The delivery costs of PixieMarket.com products can go from 7.95$, orders over 100$ are delivered free of charge only within the United States, for orders in the rest of the world the cost can go from 28$ and for purchases over 200$ is free.

  • PixieMarket.com ნახვა:

In order to enter the online platform PixieMarket.com ეს კეთდება ამ გზით ნახვა.

სხვა მსგავსი მაღაზიები